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Ramana’s Garden’s vision is that every child in India, regardless of caste, creed, or social-economic background, has the right to quality education, proper nutrition, and primary healthcare.
It is our further intention to empower Indian women through literacy and vocational training so that they can generate their own income and thereby gain rights in their own households and communities.                                                                                                                                                                            

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Sponsor a Child





Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Rishikesh, India is home to over 60 at risk children and a free English medium school for over 160 students from Ramana’s Garden and local underprivileged families. The school provides classes from kindergarten to eighth grade.

You don’t have to be an orphan to live in Ramana’s Garden. You have to be at risk. read more…


“Till you reach the state of jnana and thus wake out of this maya, you must do social service by relieving suffering whenever you see it. But even then you must do it, as we are told, without the sense ‘I am the doer’, but feeling, ‘I am the Lord’s tool’. You must help the child as a means of worshipping God in that child.”

~ Ramana Maharshi ~


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Ambiya Paradise Organic Garden
Organic Farming

Nutrition plays a big part in preventing illness. We grow our own organic food for our live in children as well as lunch for an additional 100 children that come to school each day.  Read more on Ambiya Paradise Organic Garden

There are many ways to make an impact by making a donation. Empowering women with vocational training. Food, clothing and medicine programs are ongoing for our children and the homeless that are in much need of our help.



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Come and join open Satsang for all at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home with “VIVEK” from 15th Feb-1st March ,daily at 3-5 pm.

Satsangs with “VIVEK”

2.Special Dinner and Music, come join us for a music night with Special Dinner on  Friday 16th February.

Special Dinner and Music


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