Ramana’s Dance Troupe

“Dance until the dancer disappears into the melody from the flute of the Divine”

~ Rumi ~

 Being a part of the Ramana’s Garden Dance Troupe is just one of the many activities which the children of Ramana’s Garden can choose to participate in. The Dance Troupe meet twice per week in our school hall to receive lessons from our accomplished dance instructor, Swati, who was also once a student at Ramana’s Garden. Ramana’s Garden Dance Troupe has been delighting audiences here and abroad (England 2008) since 2000 when they won their first dance completion in the village Dusshera festival. For several years they have had the privilege of performing weekly at the Ananda Spa, rated no.1 in Asia. All the forms of Indian dance are studied and performed from Bollywood, to classical, folk, and a lot of Vandanas, ancient temple dances.

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