Ramana’s Garden Primary School

“Education is our light on the path to freedom.”

Ramana’s Garden Creative Learning

Ramana’s Garden School provides an English medium education for over 160 children from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The children that attend our school come from ‘Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home’ and from families in the local area that otherwise could not afford to provide them with a good education. Some of these children walk for over an hour each way just to attend school. Their parents are unskilled laborers, beggars, sweepers, and little tea or chat sellers on the roadside. The majority of their parents are illiterate and unable to provide quality education for their children.

Our school follows the highest standards of education and is recognized to be on par with the most expensive private schools in the country. Ramana’s is the only school of it’s kind in North India providing high standard education free to poor and untouchable caste children. Besides our standard curriculum we offer yoga, meditation, music, dance, theater, arts, crafts, and vocational training to our students. Our teachers have been trained by an elite program enabling them to use hands on, creative teaching methods in the classroom. Most importantly, Ramana’s is FREE for our students. This includes all uniforms, school bags, books and materials as well as a hot nutritious lunch everyday.

Higher Education

Due to Govt restrictions we are only allowed to run our school up till 8th grade. At that point, depending on their academic qualifications, the students are sponsored to attend private schools through to 12th class. After graduation we make every effort to make it possible for them to attend university. This is an ongoing opportunity for you to be involved in making “the” difference for a bright student.

Currently we are sponsoring over 20 students to pursue higher education outside of Ramana’s Garden and 3 to attend private university. That number grows each year as more students graduate from 8th and 12th class. Therefore our funding needs are also always growing. Already our first college graduates are working together as documentary filmmakers.

You can ensure the ongoing education of our children by Sponsoring a Child.

Ramana’s Village Education Program

In the village schools that we support, each child from age 5 onwards receives all books and school material, uniforms, warm winter clothing,  shoes, and nutritious hot lunches in their respective schools. As well as running this program in Ramana’s Garden Primary School, we also run a partial program in 2 village schools near our mountain project. In our preschools, village girls who were previously not allowed to study can now attend.

It is through receiving generous donations that we will be able to continue providing such wonderful education to so many children in need.

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