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You can make the difference in a child’s future. So little goes such a long way to change lives from poverty and despair to prosperity and promise.

YES is an opportunity to share in the creation of a positive future in whatever way works for you. You may not be ready to hop on a plane to India and join us in the villages, but you can still help by sponsoring a child or any one of our ongoing projects…..even design one of your own!

People from all over the world are saying YES. With each YES, something new and wonderful becomes possible. A few years ago we were able to say YES to helping 250 children in one of Delhi’s worst slums receive our Educational Assistance Program that is still making a difference today. We received a YES to help create this much needed web site so people can visit us online. We received a YES to the purchase of more land in Rishikesh, India so we could build a new junior high school, a yoga meditation hall, a new hostel and study hall for the girls and finally open our organic café. Many people around the world have organized charity events, such galas, concerts and art shows……People come up with so many creative ways to help us.

You can sponsor a variety of much needed items for a day, a week, a month or for a year:

  • Medicine room
    Maya and Oinak administering ointment

    Sponsor the children’s daily bananas.  60 children live at Ramana’s and an additional 100 commute to school here. All receive a  banana with their lunch.

Day $10.  Week $60.  Month  $250.  Year $3,000

  • Sponsor lunch for neighborhood children. Children that live nearby whose parents are trying to makes end meet are invited to play in the playground with our kids and have an organic whole grain and fresh vegetable lunch. This and other food programs as well would love your support

Day $12.  Week $80.  Month $350.  Year $4,200

  • Sponsor our medicine room. When our children get ill they are treated immediately in our medicine room to prevent infection and spreading  to others. Vitamin C is given out daily to prevent illness and Vitamin D in the winter time when the days are short.  You can sponsor a month of supplies so that we are stocked and ready for cold and flu season; from tummy aches to head aches and the needs of older girls. Our children love to play,  bandages and disinfectant for general bumps and bruises do come in handy.

Day $13.  Week $90.  Month $400.   Year $4,800

Any donation amount is welcome.  If you would like to sponsor a child or you have your own idea of sponsorship,  please let Prabha know at



We invite you to come up with your unique way to help….say YES by making a donation today…

You will be directed to Friends of Ramana’s Garden, our 501 c3 nonprofit, to process your donation via PayPal


If you are in the UK, please donate here via the UK charity.



“All that we have will someday be given away… Let us open our hands and give with our hearts, so that the joy of giving is ours…”

~ Sw. Chidananda Saraswati ‘Muniji’ ~


*USA  residents are eligible for 5013 rebate


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